Jamee's Priorities

Lower Property Tax Burden

Jamee knows that our District’s backbone is its citizens who live within it. Texas has the 7th highest property tax rate in the country, driving our neighbors out of their homes. Jamee will pass a bill that cuts property taxes by 25% and Jamee is committed to permanently and significantly lowering property taxes. When we thrive, our District thrives, it’s that simple.


Strengthen Public Schools

Jamee Jolly has worked closely with public schools to involve private businesses in supporting education. In the Texas legislature, Jamee will continue her commitment to Texas students and help her fellow legislators increase education funding and prevent the siphoning of so much of our local school funds away from us. The children in Texas deserve the best education possible, including proper funding in classrooms, and additional resources for our teachers.

Improve Border Security

There is a huge crisis at the border. Jamee will support legislation that adds more law enforcement along the border to combat human trafficking, drug trafficking, and the unsustainable flow of migrants pouring across our Southern Border. Jamee will work tirelessly to secure our border and protect our families.


Maternal Healthcare

Jamee will support new pro-family legislation and increase healthcare services for pregnant women and new mothers. Healthy mothers make healthy families, and healthy families make healthy communities. Jamee also supports a bill that will make diapers sales tax exempt, saving families hundreds of dollars a year and she supports abortion exemptions in cases of rape, incest or when the mother’s life is as risk. 

Produce Economic Growth

From her experience as President/CEO of the Plano Chamber of Commerce, Jamee knows how crucial it is to promote and protect free enterprise policies that encourage growth and job creation. A good job is truly a person’s livelihood. Jamee Jolly has a proven track record of creating thousands of local jobs. Prosperous businesses teaming up with thriving residential neighborhoods are exactly what make Plano great now and will continue to do so in the future. We can always count on Jamee to stand up for our great businesses.


Grow Texas Energy

Jamee will seek to lower energy prices, protect Texas energy jobs across the state, and push for a stronger energy grid. She recognizes the importance of maintaining the use of fossil fuels as a reliable energy source and supplementing our system with newer forms of energy. We need to develop the procedures that will keep the lights on in emergencies and prevent progressive policies like the "Green New Deal" from destroying our grid.


Pro-Police & Anti-Crime

Following police defund efforts and an increase in poor prosecution, national crime rates have soared to the highest in more than 30 years. Texas is not immune to it. Recently, Texas had twice the number of police officer deaths than any time in history. Jamee Jolly will always stand up for our law enforcement officials and fight any efforts to defund the police.

Support Infrastructure

Jamee supports increased state funding for road improvements that help decrease traffic congestion. Infrastructure improvements are vital to growing regions, and North Texas is no exception. We need to improve our roads so that people spend less time stuck in traffic and more time living their lives.


Increase Transparency

Sunlight drives away darkness. Jamee Jolly knows we need more transparency in our government. That is the only way to ensure meaningful accountability for the election officials who act on behalf of the people. Jamee will increase government transparency and accessibility - so constituents can be better informed and interact directly with those who govern.